The Coronavirus Outbreak part IV

Hey guys, I am back to continue with the series of My experience in Beijing - The Coronavirus Outbreak this is part IV.

We've been trying really hard to hold it together here in Beijing but sometimes it’s just too overwhelming.  So I decided to go to the park for a run. I had no 4G, lost connection for a while, it felt great. You should too, try it sometime. To disconnect for a while. If you’re under lockdown, try to meditate. If you can still walk around, taking the right measures, taking a walk can be a good way to rest your mind. I can understand that a lot of you are going through different kinds of situations right now. I am sure it's being really difficult but we are all on the same boat, and instead of panicking and complaining to stay indoors we should be reflecting on the whole situation and finding ways to keep sane. Helping to share useful news for instance and to try to keep the positivity.

As for me, my routine is, everyday morning when I wake up, I take my dog for a walk. When I come back I give him food, my cat and fish… I make a coffee and have a quick look at the stats of the spread. I read what's useful and leave it. I go do some cleaning around the house, work out, breakfast, start my day. But imagine this scenario for example - The situation has worsened in Brazil, so I wake up to a bunch of messages as people there are going to sleep, same for them, they go to sleep with the messages I start sending. So I start my day in heavy energy and they cannot sleep. In a group chat especially I think it's important to filter what you share. And also filter what you read and from which sources. Some people wake up in the middle of the night to check on the news, how do you expect to have a good sleep after that? I just couldn't take it anymore, even though things here in China seems to be getting better.

We have a few imported cases, there are many restrictions for the people trying to get back to Beijing. For instance, you have to go through many medical and bureaucratic procedures before they take you to a hotel for quarantine in which you pay your own expenses and are separated from your companions. In case you come from a non-high risk infected country, you can quarantine at home, but they take a picture of you entering your apartment and stick a paper on your front door, saying that you have just entered and need to stay indoors. In my compound, yesterday, to enter I had to show my entry/exit card and a picture of my passport. Visitors are still not allowed. At the store inside my compound there was a thermometer, disinfectant, a board to follow I don't know what. Restrictions are still harsher and harsher.

What I can do from my apartment is to share these experiences and give you a few tips on how we've been handling it here.

Honestly, for us it has not been that much to cope, except for the financial part. But staying indoors been really great actually. We are artists so the music keeps us busy all the time. So here is my tip, finding your artistic side, can help you spend your time better than just searching for news online, or going crazy because you can't go anywhere. You will also realize how much money you spend on useless stuff. You will eat better, sleep better, do things you never had time to do. Me for instance, I fixed my own studio room. I've been confined writing these messages, producing music, studying, recording, and letting energy flow, trying to canalize energy instead of making all the anger and despair flow around me and send it out through words that only create more despair.

I'm gonna share something I wrote in one of those meditative intuitive moments I've had in my studio room:

“Light Breeze

Thrown into the current, sail along the course of the storm. After the rain, there is the sun. With the passage of darkness, the sky opens wide, allowing an even broader view where you will find the choice which side to swim. Diving in calm waters, without the mud that rises with the force of the waters and the winds. Breathing clean air, feeding and healing your lungs from the light breeze that touches you, inspired by fullness. Under the clear sea, float radiantly reflecting the light that illuminates you.

Change is inevitable.”

During this time that I have been locked up at home, I have learned not to fight with life, but to understand its course and adapt to the changes that happen.

Music by Juliana Lima & Hristo H - Mahai